We understand complex organizations and difficult operating environments.


Clarity in communication


We’re small and flexible, and strive for Swiss-style thoroughness and service. Our associates work in many different countries and possess complementary skills, like Rebus, an outstanding provider of multimedia graphic design.

Our values: We believe in credibility and realism. We believe communication is strongest when the message is sober and professionally put. We believe in benefits – to consumers, investors and employees, to the needy and to society at large.

Full-service range: We don’t take on assignments we can’t handle ourselves. Whether new product launch or advocacy campaign, CrossLake assumes full charge of any communications programme you entrust to us. We help you improve your understanding of the real needs and interests of clients, colleagues, employees, shareholders, buyers and sellers, donors, members, media.

And we’re with you all the way, from the first communication audit through planning and execution to review and evaluation. 

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