We believe that honesty sells better than hype.


Clarity in communication


We undertake research and communication assignments in aid and development, climate change, industrial manufacturing and commerce, leisure and entertainment, healthcare and social protection.

Our products include a wide range of marketing communications vehicles, from technical studies and websites through print and on-line periodicals to annual reports and corporate brochures of all kinds.

Alongside professional writing and accuracy of content, we lay great store by crisp, attractive graphic design. And, above all, we believe that honesty sells better than public relations puffery.


Take a look at some samples of our work.

> Repositioning a venerable NGO
> Pioneering video-based continuing medical education
> Putting people behind messages
> Ensuring a long life to conference proceedings
> Delivering market intelligence for South-South trade 


Repositioning a venerable NGO

Association Internationale de la Mutualité

This international non-governmental organisation has promoted solidarity-based systems to finance healthcare and social protection since 1950. In the 1990s, we undertook a full communications makeover that ran from lobbying guidelines through the production of a newsletter, brochures and conference programmes to a clean and appealing makeover of corporate design.

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Pioneering video-based continuing medical education


Healthcare professionals and web-savvy patients rely on the medical internet to stay informed. We made this website one of the first anywhere to combine text-based learning and streaming video into methodical learning modules. Sponsored by the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, our management covered both editorial and production aspects, from the commissioning and editing of medical articles and endoscopic video footage to all aspects of web design, production and hosting.

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Putting people behind messages

Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Three quarters of the world's poor live in rural areas. Nowhere else is the fight for investment and economic growth more important. The world's biggest multilateral and bilateral donor agencies have created a platform for research and advocacy to hammer that message home, retaining CrossLake to advise them on communication strategy and create stories, interviews and photos that focus on the people behind the new aid architecture.

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Ensuring a long life to conference proceedings

GTZ CCD Project

CrossLake's many years of experience covering multilingual technical conferences were put to use at a recent conference in Berlin to promote the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. Commissioned by the German government to create a durable record of proceedings, we handled the rewriting and editing of transcripts in German and English as well as the design and printing of a final report that sought to capture the scope and excitement of the event.

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Delivering market intelligence for South-South trade

Oman Centre for Investment Promotion and Trade Development, Sultanate of Oman

A clutch of quality-conscious, export-oriented SMEs in the Sultanate of Oman is spearheading the country's diversification drive away from oil products. Working closely with the International Trade Centre of the World Trade Organisation and UNCTAD in Geneva, we undertook months of on-site research and face-to-face interviews in both Oman and the Republic of Sudan to come up with a 480 page report on the potential for expanded trade between the two countries in 25 products, from cement through confectionery to fish and fibre optic cable.

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